Our Staff

April Anderson-Center Director

April joined Sunrise in 2012 as the Director. She was amazed at the level of professionalism that she saw at Sunrise compared to our centers she had worked at. Every staff member here feels a connection to the center, families, each other and most importatnly the children, so each person works hard daily to provide the absolute best care that is possible. Working for Sunrise Christian Academy has become a dream job, each day we are greeted with hugs, requests to play and cuddles, how could it get better than that?

Brenda McKee-Teacher

Infant Room

Darlene Selleck-Teacher

Darlene Selleck has been a part of Sunrise Christian Academy since they started over 34 years ago. During her time, here she has always worked in our infant room providing the babies the most loving care imaginable. Darlene loves to read and sing songs about Jesus to the infants in her care.

 Brenda McKee has worked in the infant room since 1993, parterning with Darlene to create a stable and loving environment for our youngest children. Brenda works hard to create the lesson plans for the class, which include songs and stories, baby sign language and art projects. She works hard to keep the room engaging yet remain a calm and loving environment.

Nicole Isaacson-Aide

Niki has been a part of our infant team since 2003. She has always worked in the afternoons with the babies, but her mornings are spent working in all the classrooms. Niki loves to play, cuddle and rock babies, she has helped to make our infant room a loving place for babies to grow.


Michelle Rhoades-Teacher

Michelle started working at Sunrise in 2012 with our younger preschoolers. She has since moved into her own classroom and teaches our waddlers who are 14 months to 2 years old. Michelle loves the strong teamwork at Sunrise as well as all the families who have entrusted us to care for them. She feels it is important to keep a Christian component in her lesson plans and enjoys teaching the children prayers before meal time.

Samantha Wagner-Teacher

Sam started working at our program when she was just a juinor in high school. Since then, Sam has accomplished her goal of earning her CDA to become a teacher! Sam loves her roll at Sunrsie because she works both the waddlers and toddlers. She loves incorporating her knowledge into creating unique and energentic lesson plans which allows our waddlers to stay busy.

Anna Olson-Aide

Anna has recently started working at Sunrise but already loves working with children so much that she has made plans to earn her CDA so she can become a teacher in our program! Anna loves the excitement the smallest things bring to young children and how Sunrise feels like a family in just a few short months.


Liya Owens-Teacher/Assistant Director

Liya has been a teacher at Sunrise since 2003, and became the Assistant Director in 2012 a roll in which she loves. She feels that one of the most important aspects of her job as a teacher is to help children build a Christian foundation and feels blessed to be an intergal part of this process in their early years.

Nita Hanson-Aide

Nita has been a part of Sunrise since 1992 when she started here to help with the preschoolers. Since then, Nita has discovered that toddlers are her passion and loves to be a part of their development. She enjoys sitting on the floor and engaging in conversations with 2 year olds as they play together.


Barb Hedbery-Teacher

Barb has worked in our preschool program since joining our team in 1997, she feels that once you find a place this wonderful you just don’t leave! Barb knew she always wanted to work with young children, especially helping to prepare then as they are in their final year before kindergarten. She loves the “light bulb” moment when you can see a child becoming excited about devloping a new skill that maybe they were struggling at. Barb feels like working with young children is a privilage watching them grow in stature and wisdom.

Crystal Robinson

Crystal has been working in our preschool room since 2010 and loves the energy and how each day working with young children changes. Her free spirit and her willingness to always make a mess bring a unique energy to her young preschool room. She loves that at Sunrise children can be exposed to traditional themes but also can be taught Christianity.

Danielle Holloway

Danielle recently joined Sunrise as a teacher aide in our 3 year old room. Danielle has always wanted to work with young children, particularly in a Christian environment. Danielle is excited to start a new adventure with our preschoolers as she gets to know them and help them get ready for their next step into Pre K.

Support Staff

Ashley Sonnenberg-Cook

Ashley works in our kitchen preparing delicious meals and snacks for our children. With a degree from Cordon Bleu her skills have been put to the text cooking for over 60 people each day. She gets the most rounds of applause each day and the children hear her carts coming down the hallways to deliver their meals.

Other Support Staff
Megan Morgan
Torra Isaacson
Blake Anderson